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    The Top 5 Beer Gardens in the UK

    |July 24, 2017 | Article

    With the sun making its rare appearance in the UK, the demand for a nice beer garden is here.  Apply your sun lotion and order your drink while you read through our list of the top 5 beer gardens in the UK and look into what style they have achieved and how you can replicate a similar look with Satelliet UK.


    Starting off at #1

    We travel to London and visit the Half Moon Pub.

    Top 5 Beer Gardens in the UK

    Situated at Herne Hill, The recently refurbished Half Moon Pub has transformed from an old music venue to a fabulous boutique hotel, restaurant and bar all in a grade 2 listed building.  Outside, they have maintained a vintage feel through the use of industrial and natural finished furniture. While some of the seating is suitable for private groups, there are also parts where communal seating is utilised to bring people together which is achieved through the use of benches and round tables with fire pits in the middle inviting people to gather around them.  This makes the area both inviting and also compliments the grounds by maintaining the style of the building nicely.

    So, how can you achieve this style with Satelliet UK?

    Let’s start with the high stools – The featured stools are very similar to the Alcatraz High Stool.

    Next, the benches, which is similar to The Quadro Range and The Cloud Table… but don’t stick a firepit in the middle of that!

    Check out their Twitter and Website for more information.


    On to #2

    Let’s take a quick trip to Leeds and look at Headrow House.

    The UK's Top 5 Beer Gardens

    Converted from an old textile mill, Headrow House has transformed into a bar/restaurant and has adopted a vintage/retro look outside… and boy, have they pulled it off!

    Sitting here feels like a real throwback to the 80’s and 90’s which is made even better with the big neon signs around the venue.  The use of natural wood and raw metal in the furniture ensures the retro vibe is perfectly achieved.  The furniture, decor and atmosphere here ensure you will have a really enjoyable and comfortable visit.

    What do we have at Satelliet UK to help achieve this look?

    The stools present are very similar to the Chelsea High Stool and the tables are similar to the Aquagate Table Base with a natural wood table top.  As for the benches, the Fuera Range will fit you nicely.

    Check out their Twitter and Website for more information.


    Moving on… #3

    We jump up to Glasgow and look at its biggest and best beer garden in the city.  That’s right… Brel has made the list!

    Brel really is the place to kick back and enjoy a couple of cold beers!  Their beer garden is enormous offering you loads of space to hang out and also enough seating to cope with the weekend’s antics.  What makes this spot so special is the different areas they have in their beer garden.  There are modern spots with quirky furniture and nice mood lighting, and there are nature spots like the fixed seating around the trees and the grass bank seating area.  We loved our visit here and will definitely be back many times in the future for many more beers, we hope you get the chance to spend some time here too.

    If you want to achieve a similar style, have a look at our Mia Range to help you achieve a similar fun, colourful and urban look.

    Check out their Twitter and Website for more information.


    Next in at #4

    Atlas bar in Manchester.

    Probably one of the only times you will see this area quiet! The Atlas Bar in Manchester boasts one of the most vibrant evening/weekend drinking areas.  You can expect a great atmosphere any time of the day, great cocktails/beers and an all round pleasant experience.  When the sun pops out, venture out into their terrace/beer garden and relax in style.  They have areas perfect to dine in and also areas to kick back with some friends.  The rattan style furniture with its comfy pillows perfectly compliments the modern vibe you get when you enter this bar.  Whilst you are enjoying your friend’s company and having a few beers to shake off the stress of the week, look to the horizon and watch the sun set over Manchester.  It’s truly breathtaking!  Have a look at The Rio Range or The Harris Sofa Set.

    Check out their Website for more information.

    And last but not least… #5

    We can’t forget the worlds largest beer garden… the whole of Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival

    Top 5 Beer Gardens in the UK

    Every August, Edinburgh transforms into the most vibrant city in the UK.  Around every corner, you will find pop-up bars and seating areas.  If you bring nice weather into the equation, you will have a really good time.  You get everything from communal bench areas to small outdoor lounge areas… it just takes a little time to look around.  Our advice is to go to The Assembly at George Square Gardens for a more relaxed and secluded vibe.  If you are thinking about pop-up beer garden design ideas and furniture, we suggest The Hitchcock Range for practicality, style and comfort.


    That’s it for us this month, Check back next month for another great article.

    Satelliet UK

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