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    Satelliet Podcast Episode 5

    |November 8, 2018 | Podcast

    Fifth in our series of 12 Podcasts in this episode Satelliet UK Director, Harvey Ockrim travels to Udine in Italy to meet with Luca Maurig, Export Manager for Torre 1961 the company that boasts the strongest chairs for the contract market! Luca explains how their chairs are almost completely indestructible and explains what tests have been carried out to prove this is true.

    He also mentions the Torre video which you can watch, after listening to the podcast!

    Look out for our next 7 episodes in this first series when we will be meeting more hospitality industry professionals discussing their particular challenges and aspirations.


    Lucca & Harvey talking quality chairs and how these are tested. This podcast was recorded in Udine Italy, produced and edited by Kimberley Nasuna Bunjo at the Eagle radio Studios in Guildford UK




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