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    Torre 1961 Super Strong Chairs

    |November 9, 2018 | News

    The Satelliet UK Team have just returned from a training day at Torre 1961 at their factory in Udine, Italy.

    During this training session the team were also given a private tour of the CATAS facility, an independent, fully certified testing house for all types of furniture which is produced in Italy, other parts of Europe and beyond. If you are buying furniture with a CATAS test certificate you can be confident that it is fit for purpose and will perform to your expectations.

    This is why Torre 1961 sent the Magda chair for testing, the patented construction gives them the confidence to test this chair way beyond the standard maximum of 200,000 cycles…….the video below explains how the testing works and how many times this model was tested before the test was stopped, note more often than not a chair is tested till it fails, however the The Torre chair beat the machine and the decision was made to stop all testing after 1,000,000 cycles.

    Satelliet UK are very proud to be partners with Torre 1961 and carry a number of their products as samples in our showrooms at Ash Vale and Glasgow. Our Sales team look forward to helping you select the right look using any of the Torre range, simply contact us today to find out more.



    You can also hear Luca Maurig Export Manager of Torre 1961 in conversation with Harvey Ockrim on our podcast

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