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Sustainable Hospitality: The Code Series

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Sustainable Hospitality: The Code Series

|October 7, 2022 | Blogs, News

Satelliet’s sustainability bar is high; by 2030, 75% of its products will be made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. This is not just about recycled materials, it is about adding value through collaborative innovation bringing people and products together.

The goal of being the most sustainable supplier of hospitality furniture in Europe in 8 years is becoming real possibility.

Furniture from the SUM (Still Usable Materials) collection is expanding all the time. Purchasing director Robin Willemse explains what this means:

“We know how to make furniture from different high-quality and reusable materials, such as organic residual waste or PET felt. We have also been applying wickerwork made of completely recycled plastic and frames made of recycled aluminium for some time. This furniture was developed in cooperation with our partners abroad. And from these learnings, the newcomer Code is now being made.”

The idea for the Code collection grew out of the previous sustainable models developed by Satelliet. The chair consists of 100% ‘post-consumer waste’ in Indonesia. This is consumer waste that is disposed of and diverted from landfills.

Making Code consists of two parts:

  • The frame is built using recycled aluminium that is remelted and reshaped to extrude tubes.  It is then welded into the chair frame shape, suspended and sprayed with a powder coat.  It is placed into an oven to liquify and harden into a strong, beautiful layer of colour.
  • The seat is made out of recycled plastic that is sorted by colour and remelted to create the distinctive base colour with signature splattering of speckles. A mould creates the seat shape.

Code is stackable, has a UV resistant coating and is available in four striking colours:

ocean blue, forest green, desert yellow and galaxy black.

The Code Series will be available from March 2023, you can out more about how to order by emailing

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