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Care Home Furniture

The elderly under fluorescent lamps in a bare and dreary day room, the sick who receive visitors in grey dull coffee rooms. Fortunately, this is an image which is increasingly belonging to the past. The term “hospitality care” is now becoming established. Also look at the rise of the care hotel, where people rehabilitate in a hospitality environment.

Satelliet has been delving into the world of care and care furniture for years. We experience in practice that residents, visitors and employees feel more comfortable and at home in a calm and welcoming environment. Within our care furniture range, we can offer the right furniture choices for your venue that are not just practical and functional but also comfortable and suit your interior design in appearance and atmosphere.

For your upholstered furniture choices our fabric library boosts a selection of antimicrobial and easy clean fabrics which are best suit to the care sector, there are many designs, patterns and plains for you to choose from.

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