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Leisure Furniture

Leisure Furniture

Over recent years there has been an incredible growth in the leisure sectors with more people looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing. Leisure facilities are not just being used for health and fitness purposes, Relaxation through exercise is for many people a welcome distraction to their busy lifestyles.

Amongst leisure centres, fitness schools, wellness centres, swimming pools, bowling alleys and sports clubs there are cafés, restaurants and lounge areas for your clients to stay and relax after their efforts. Therefore, there is an increasing need for hospitality furniture within the leisure sector.

Satelliet’s furniture collection for the leisure industry offers endless possibilities of chairs, bar stools, benches and tables. Most of our leisure furniture can be bespoke finished, so you can match the style of your furniture with the look and feel of your venue, we offer different wood stains, metal ral coatings and your choice or fabric or faux leather.

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