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Education Furniture

Hospitality within the education sector has come on by leaps and bounds in recent years. We at Satelliet learn more and more every day about how functional hospitality areas within the education sector can create a relaxing and motivating environment for both teachers and students.

Colleges and universities now have grand cafés, brasseries and lounge restaurants for a place to relax, socialise and study. For many students, a reason to choose one educational establishment over another.

We can ensure our hospitality furniture for the education sector can help create this atmosphere with the use of our comfortable Lounge sofas and modular seating perfect for catching up with friends, our high back lounge armchairs and bean bags to relax on and take some time out and our large sharing tables which are great for dining or study groups.

Our furniture has been vigorously tested to ensure its sturdiness and longevity in order to cope with the high footfall traffic seen throughout colleges and universities.

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