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Our Satelliet Originals – Current Collection

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Our Satelliet Originals – Current Collection

|August 4, 2022 | Blogs, News

Current serves as a typical example of the way we devote attention to people and environment under SUM. This series is the first product family from the Satelliet collection that is entirely made of recycled materials. The frames are made from recycled aluminium and synthetic wickerwork made from recycled plastic.

We started this specific recycling process with a producer from Indonesia with whom we have been working for more than 25 years and who is our partner in the production of furniture with plastic wickerwork. Over all these years of cooperation, we have gone together through many developments in technology and design. Having such a partnership also makes it possible to think together about the future and possibilities in the field of sustainability. This has already resulted in the recycling of aluminium, and now offers new opportunities again.

Plastic and its recycling is currently a top-of-mind item, and the fact that the plastic waste problem in a country like Indonesia is so immense is old news. The step to produce the wickerwork based on recycled plastic is therefore the next logical step in the development of our collection.

We flew to Indonesia with this idea and started looking for a company that collects, sorts and processes plastic, and that can supply this as a new raw material to our producer. The recycling company that we eventually found is also known as MVO Nederland. This organisation supports companies (like us) in their search for collaborating partners for sustainability and is our advisor.

View the Current Collection online now – https://contractfurnitureuk.com/product-tag/current/

Or enquire on info@satelliet.co.uk


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