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Choosing furniture for your venue: our top tips!

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Choosing furniture for your venue: our top tips!

|July 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

Choosing furniture for your bar or restaurant can be overwhelming, there are so many beautiful styles with different themes from modern, to industrial, to maximalism and of course minimalism. The list goes on! We love welcoming new and experienced business owners into our showroom to view or collections, but we have pulled together a guide to help make your experience easier.

Choose your concept and theme.

Whether you are creating the concept yourself, or you are using a designer, it is important to knuckle down the vibe, the concept, and the theme you want before you start to look at interior options. Ensuring the concept and the furniture align helps create a cohesive dining experience for your guests. Otherwise, the restaurant might feel disjointed. Things to consider are the colour pallet, the fabric, and the shape of the furniture.

For example, if your brand identity holds a sustainability focus, you might want to consider something from our SUM range such as CODE or CURRENT to reinforce your brand message.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, a visit to one our showrooms in either Glasgow or Ash Vale to browse the unique styles of furniture we have and a chat with our interior designers and sales team for guidance.

Do not sacrifice comfort and style for durability.

Aesthetics is important because you want your restaurant to look good, to exude style and to make a statement but you also want to ensure your furniture is comfortable and durable, otherwise it can encourage an early departure from your venue, choosing elsewhere for their next drink, or from becoming returning customers. There are many things to consider however there are plenty of options that cover all bases: comfort, style, and durability.

A great example of a chair that covers all the above is the Gerlin.  It is sturdy, stylish, and comfortable. The fabric can be customised to suit your needs and colour palette.

Things to consider are back support on the chairs, seat padding and cushions for extra comfort, the table height for comfortable eating and the stability of tables and chairs.  Visit a showroom and sit down on the chairs, see how they feel for you. Do not be afraid to move things about, take a chair over to a table and see how they look, ask about different fabric options, all our products can be customised when it comes to fabric.  Consider loose furniture of different shapes and sizes to suit different party sizes and events and depending on use, a durable material for tabletops that will not retain stains and is easy to wipe clean. You can find an excellent selection of laminate these days that is incredible quality, looks exactly like real wood and may not break the bank like marble or solid wood.


Spending can spiral out of control when you are selecting your furniture, so it is important to go into the process with a budget or maximum spend in mind to avoid putting a strain on your finances before you even open the door to your new or refurbed space.

Providing a budget helps streamline the process so that you are only seeing products that fit your specific needs and style while staying within the parameters of your budget.

Investing in excellent quality, well designed furniture contributes to the success of your business. It plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. It strengthens the reputation of the unit and establishes a welcoming environment that encourages people to return to repeatedly. We asked our interior designers and sales team their top tips for choosing furniture and they all came back with the same thing:


Does it pass the Martindale Rub test and stay within budget? Make sure it over 30,000 for commercial use. The fabric must be Crib 5 also.

Faux Leather is durable and cost effective, easy to wipe clean.


Non fixed more flexible allowing different layouts and flexibility to accommodate bigger parties.

Table Top

Laminate is the most cost effective and durable material, and it now offers a broad range of finishes, some of which look like real wood.

A joiner can sand and repolish solid wood tops if necessary, making them a sustainable choice.

Compact laminate is great for outdoor use and has a sleek finish.

If your vibe is more natural, wood is perfect and if you want to make a statement you cannot make a much bolder choice than real marble.

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