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GoodWood – a new era of sustainable!

by Luciana Markey |April 22, 2024 |0 Comments | Article, Blogs, News |

Introducing GoodWood: a sustainable marvel offering a remarkably authentic wood-like appearance and texture tropical hardwood. This innovative material is imbued with natural color throughout, allowing the characteristic wood grain to be felt. With GoodWood, no trees are felled, ensuring a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious consumers. Its longevity and recyclability further enhance its eco-credentials.

GoodWood boasts a host of features:

  • Resemblance to tropical hardwood
  • Enhanced sustainability compared to traditional options
  • Built to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Processed just like wood
  • Extended lifespan with recyclability
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Exceptional stain resistance and mold resilience
  • Comprised of rice husk and 100% recycled plastic
  • Uniform coloring throughout
  • Resistant to shattering or cracking
  • Tangible wood grain for added authenticity
  • UV resistance with color stabilisation post-exposure

GoodWood embodies our commitment to sustainability.  We aim to lead the way in sustainable hospitality furniture by 2030. The introduction of GoodWood marks a significant stride towards realizing this vision. Our GoodWood collection showcases a diverse range of furniture options, marrying style with sustainability seamlessly.

The Top 5 Beer Gardens in the UK

by dev |July 24, 2017 |0 Comments | Article

With the sun making its rare appearance in the UK, the demand for a nice beer garden is here.  Apply your sun lotion and order your drink while you read through our list of the top 5 beer gardens in the UK and look into what style they have achieved and how you can replicate a similar look with Satelliet UK.

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Just Colour from Chieftain Fabrics

by dev |June 7, 2017 |0 Comments | Article

Just Colour is the market leader in upholstery fabrics.

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Care and Maintenance Advice

by dev |November 10, 2016 |0 Comments | Article

Table Tops and Chairs

Our polished or laminate surfaces do not require spray cleaners or wax polishes. To clean, wipe the surface or frame with a damp cloth and buff off with a dry duster. Polished surfaces are heat resistant but must be protected from direct heat using a mat.

Aluminium Tables and Chairs

Use warm soapy water as required to clean all aluminium surfaces, drying off with a clean cloth. Never use abrasive substances or cleaning materials. If leaving tables outside ensure any rainwater collection is tipped off the table top surface as quickly as possible.


Upholstery covers normally respond to a damp cloth provided stains are treated quickly.

Dependant on the construction of a fabric, different cleaning methods will apply. Proprietary cleaners should be first tested on a non-visible area to ensure that it does not damage the cloth. Check with the supplier or our sales office if uncertain.


Marble is a natural product and therefore porous. Spillages will stain. We recommend that it is wiped clean often. A good quality wax polish applied to the surface will help repel stains.

Teak Tables and Chairs

Teak oil should be applied on a regular basis. Do not clean with proprietary cleaners.


Only the cord must be used to open the parasols. You may need to assist this with some gentle outward movement of the struts. To try to open the parasol by pulling the struts outward will result in breaking the parasol.

The cord must be used to gently lower the parasol and close it. It is important to ensure all of the fabric is outside the struts and not trapped between any of the struts.

It is strongly recommended that the parasol is closed in high winds, otherwise damage can happen to both the parasol and the weighted base.


No responsibility will be accepted by Satelliet-UK relating to breakages or damage caused by non-observance of the above points.

See our Tips and Tricks PDF for more information