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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

|September 21, 2021 | Blogs, News

We all love to see a busy restaurant bursting with customers enjoying themselves but there is nothing worse than sitting down to dine in a noisy restaurant where you can’t hear the person sitting opposite you.

This article will explain how you can control the reverberation of sound within your venue with the use of acoustic panels.


What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are soft-furnished panels which can be strategically placed around your venue to remove residual sound. They absorb and diffuse sound from the first point of reflection so that you can  control the level of noise in your restaurant. They can be made from Fabric wrapped panels, perforated acoustic wood panels or Foam.


Why use acoustic panels?

Many Restaurants use flat hard surfaces, timber or tiled flooring, timber or stone tables and large areas of plastered walls, all of which contribute to poor acoustics as hard surfaces reflect sound and amplify the noise level.  The use of acoustic panels will absorb the noise in your restaurant and will create a more welcoming environment for your customers and enhance their dining experience.


Where can they be placed?

Acoustic panels can be fixed to the ceiling and walls and can be incorporated into the interior concept of your venue, so that they are aesthetically pleasing to your guests.


If you would like to discuss how acoustic panels could be fitted in to your restaurant interior, please speak to a member of our team at

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