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GoodWood – a new era of sustainable!

by Luciana Markey |April 22, 2024 |0 Comments | Article, Blogs, News |

Introducing GoodWood: a sustainable marvel offering a remarkably authentic wood-like appearance and texture tropical hardwood. This innovative material is imbued with natural color throughout, allowing the characteristic wood grain to be felt. With GoodWood, no trees are felled, ensuring a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious consumers. Its longevity and recyclability further enhance its eco-credentials.

GoodWood boasts a host of features:

  • Resemblance to tropical hardwood
  • Enhanced sustainability compared to traditional options
  • Built to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Processed just like wood
  • Extended lifespan with recyclability
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Exceptional stain resistance and mold resilience
  • Comprised of rice husk and 100% recycled plastic
  • Uniform coloring throughout
  • Resistant to shattering or cracking
  • Tangible wood grain for added authenticity
  • UV resistance with color stabilisation post-exposure

GoodWood embodies our commitment to sustainability.  We aim to lead the way in sustainable hospitality furniture by 2030. The introduction of GoodWood marks a significant stride towards realizing this vision. Our GoodWood collection showcases a diverse range of furniture options, marrying style with sustainability seamlessly.